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The Full Gospel True Mission Church was established in early January of 1977 at 1401 Central Avenue, Baltimore MD. It was a store-front building spear-headed by the late Florence Jackson. The newly formed church became a member of the Eastern and Southern States Council of the Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith Association, Inc., a worldwide organization.

In 1979, Pastor Jackson became ill and asked Elder Gilbert H. Edwards Sr. to come and help her church during her illness. Pastor Jackson was called home to be with the Lord and Elder Edwards was left to Pastor in her stead. By August 1981, a membership of 5 became 20 plus children. The church formed a twelve voice choir and in August 1982, Elder Edwards was officially installed as the Pastor of The Full Gospel True Mission Church.

Many souls were blessed naturally and spiritually in that store-front church on Central Avenue. Families continued to grow until they grew right out of that store-front. With God's help and Elder Edwards' leadership, by December 1983, the membership grew to 57 members plus children and the flock marched into a new edifice at 2001 Barclay Street, Baltimore MD.

The congregation was elated with the three story building, pulpit, choir stand, pews, carpet and even a kitchen. The Lord continued to bless the church naturally as well as spiritually. The Lord elevated The Full Gospel True Mission Church to establish Sunday School teachers and classes, ministers, musicians and its first radio ministry, which began with WJRO, 1590 AM with Elder Edwards teaching the unadulterated Word of God!

Elder Edwards had a great vision to fill the pews at the Barclay Street location with many souls. The church worked and ministered along with him until it fulfilled that vision. By September 1989, membership became 72 plus children and again it took another step, marching into a bigger and more beautiful location, its present home, 1401 West Lombard Street, Baltimore MD.

The Full Gospel True Mission Church services the community, senior citizens, neighbors, and the homeless through our Maryland Food Bank, and our doors swing on WELCOMING hinges. Full Gospel continues to spread God's Word, love, patience, and gentleness to its brothers and sisters.

We ask that you pray for and with us as we continue with God and Dr. Edwards' leadership and guidance to endeavor to meet the needs of souls, sharing the marvelous works of Christ!